Monday, February 13, 2012

SciFi stuff

A very complicated looking alien of some sort. I liked working on his facial hare, or...should I say tentacles.

I was going with the idea of a robo mechanic-shuttles, ships, stations heavy constructs. It's left arm  has a rotating multi-tool attachment, equiped with a blowtorch. The tentacles on his right arm are for running diagnostics as well as fine repairs. Equiped with magnetic grappling boots this little worker is perfect for outer hull repairs.
 Started off as a spin off the old  Snidely Whiplash  type of villain. When I added the slot machine for his left shoulder pad, it started to take a course of it's own. The legs were going to be a problem, since my robots tend to look pretty much the same, as all the generic robot designs, so I added a roulette table and made him spin. Nasty bit of technology. A perfect character for a Wild West SciFi gig like the classic Bravestar-revamped of course.  :)

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