Tuesday, April 20, 2010

X-Men: Redesigned

This was made about a month ago in pencils. Finally found the time to color it.

I redesigned Cyclops and renamed him Beholder (the iris through a command on his gauntlet can close to a certain level and par of his optic blast is released through the pipes on the shoulder armor, the gauntlets and the X-Men insignia on his chest, giving him multiple "eyes of destruction" hence the name BEHOLDER)

Next The White Queen (not so white any more is she so I renamed here into simply The Queen)- the patch on her neck and the back is a portable cerebro unit. And last but not least...

Shade (aka Nightcrawler)-his final state of mutation.

The rest of the line-up (for those that don't know)from left to right: Cable, Hope and Wolverine (can't have the x-men without him now can we).

Hope you like it. :)

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THEMICO said...

lajk it epten
And what about Zagor?Forest ghoust with an axe?
Isnt he hero enough for yer?