Saturday, December 1, 2007

School of Heroes

These are few of the characters for a comic I offered to a publishing company not long ago. It is set in a fantasy world where children from various dimensions learn the basics of being a hero.

The plot: A kid from our dimension named Borjan (which means something like "fighter" in my language) was locked in his locker by some school bullies where a portal was opened that led him to the dimension where the school of heroes is. There he joined a class of hero wannabes that have few problems with their hero hood so they are treated as outcasts among the students. He soon befriends four other members from his class. They are soon given quests that they solve together as a team.

The characters:

Borjan: The kid from our dimension. Like every student he is given a unique artifact. His artifact are his gauntlets (or gloves if you prefer it :)). They give him unnatural strenght and agility. But "the matter of heroes are not mere trinkets" and thats the lesson he will soon learn.

Narcisa: This little lady is considered by many the most beautiful girl in the school, but there is just one problem. She is tinier than a flower. That's why she is always ridiculed by the other kids. She possess the necklace of growth and she frequently uses it to escape the frequent remarks about her size. She will soon learn that "size matters not in the eyes of those you help"

Maya: The shy elvish princess possesses the wand of the Griffin hair but has trouble controlling it. She is always laughed at for her failed attempts of using it and is cast out by her fellow elves because of it. She befriends those similar to her and finds out that she possesses a power greater then magic- friendship.

Stella: This dryad possesses The Belt of the Shape-Shifter, a very powerful item that grants her the power to change her shape to any known animal. The other students mock her because of her ability by calling her "the beast girl". Never the less this young dryad will soon show everyone that "heroes
come in all shapes and sizes".

Leonis: The exiled prince. A student who by chance befriends the other four characters. Always serious, rarely jokes. His artifact is the Cane of the Beggar-the most powerful of artifacts, but no one has ever unlocked it's power. Yet.


THEMICO said...

Super cika kure :D

Rasta said...

Eh, dobar koncept, ajde da go prifatat!

Tanya said...

Odlicno druze, keep up the good work!

Mimi Cortazar said...

Navukao si dosta ilustracija,i to jako zanimljivih atmosfera,super :)

Talamar said...

Fala na site.:D

Бојан Николов said...

Интересно. :)