Friday, October 5, 2007

First post

WELCOME to my parlor- said the spider to the fly.

But, seriously. I created this blog 'cause the need for publishing my creations (mostly comics and illustrations) became somewhat necessary (that and the fact that the bitchin' of my closest friend became unbearable *lol*).

the photo on the left is me and the right one is Tall'Amar (a character I created a while back for a
comic me and my buddy are still working on.

In the posts to come I intend to bring you closer to my creative process, so for those few that (hopefully) are visiting, feel free to comment my work. As a matter of fact it's required ;).

Blog ya soon,
Zdravko Girov


THEMICO said...

Arno ti tekna....ebate....aj pozdraf :D

Viktor said...

Па тоа бе брат фала богу. Само напред...

Tanya said...

Ajde, Zdrave, cekam nov post. ;-) Pozdrav, Tanja.

Rasta said...

We want more!!